When was the last time you asked for a raise in pay? How'd that go?

Do people ask for raises or are they given automatically after a performance rating?

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The last time I remember talking about a raise...

My co-workers were talking about this raise coming for doing this extra project. I didn't believe it... and according to them, the boss said yes (for all of us). I still didn't fully believe it... then I heard the boss make a comment that sounded like it was going to happen. I was like omg smilie, it's gonna happen.

Then two weeks later, my co-workers were wondering why they hadn't heard anything and it hasn't happened... so they went to ask and came back PISSED! It wasn't happening... I later over-heard the boss talking with our manager... bossed wanted to do it, but it just wasn't in the current budget as the budget had gotten cut way back.

@StarzAbove Bummer, got your hopes up for nothing.

Yeah but I was strongly doubting it most of the time, so I was right and didn't take it as hard.

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Never did.The government decided if we got a payrise

Hehe it didn't go well to be honest so I thought sod em and left the company.

If I need more money, I tell the store owner I need more and he gives it to me. His only option is to pay me what I want, or I find another store and put him out of business.

I've never asked for a pay raise...But I've gotten several generous tips.

It's been so long ago, I don't even remember.

If I didn't get one when I felt like I should...I would be asking.