Has there been a time where you have realized you're wrong and changed your stance on a subject?

What experience can you share about having your belief of something changed trough debate?
How well do you handle opposition to your idea?

Image for post Has there been a time where you have realized you're wrong and changed your stance on a subject?
78% Yes 19% No 4% Other
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Yes. I'm always willing to listen to the other side.

Of course, on more than one occasion. As new information comes to light, I am always to listen, and change my opinion or stance on a subject.

I'm sure I have

Yes. New information and new experiences have caused me to change my mind on many things over the years.

Willful ignorance is dangerous. Blind faith in ideology is one thing all cults, hate groups, and extremists have in common.

Yup. I used to think it wasn't a big deal if girls hit boys, then I grew up and realised better.

I used to support the death penalty. In that instance I wasn't necessarily wrong but I did change my stance on the issue. Perhaps not a wrong position but a wrong position for me

Many times. Over the years, I have changed how I look at some things, but my core beliefs have remained the same though.

I don't recall that happening. Mostly because I learned long ago not to be set in stone on most issues.

On this website, several times.

Yes, I never thought marijuana could be as addictive as sugar, unless someone mentioned it on this website.

Also once, we were talking about Syria and someone said that whoever is against the Government is more or less a terrorist. I didn’t have an answer to that but I decided to stop there.

Someone told me that India is a republic and not a democracy. I’ve always seen the news calling it a democracy and the constitution says it’s a democratic republic. I was so confused that day.

In life, I can’t even count.

I make mistakes everyday it is dishonest and cowardly not to face that.

Several times.

Many times, I go back and fourth on gun issues a really complicated thing for me

Yep, many times. To say that I'm a radically different person today than I was 15, 10 or even 5 years would be an understatement in itself.

It would eat me alive to not be able to grow alongside new knowledge. That's as near to personal-torture as I can imagine. jmo

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