Can you pick a lock ?

I can , it's something I taught myself when I was in my early teens 12 I think for some reason , think I just wanted to see if I could do it. Started with padlocks of all different sizes out of my Grandad's shed that I found in his funny old tins , boxes and jars NOT one had a key lolz , opening one after the other and feeling very pleased with myself. I even opened the Aviary padlock but I locked it again so his Precious Birds that he Loved didn't fly away. I've never used it for illegal purposes but have broken into Ex Boyfriends and friends places for a laugh (when they were in of course). Thinking about it I would of let my neighbours into their house when they were locked out but who wants to know their neighbour can pick their lock XD hahaha I think I'll keep that one to myself. "Shhhhhhhhh" it's our little secret.