What's your favorite fireworks memory?

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Gifs never seem to work for the title post

__Happy 4th of July everyone__
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Every year the New Hope Symphonia plays a 4th of July concert in Tinicum park. It always ends with fire works accompanied by the "1812 Overture".

When my kids got to be old enough to enjoy them.

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awesome selection of fails there biggrin smilie

I might even have to use some of those gifs smile smilie

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Of course the dog one was that best wink smiliesmile smilie

Also liked the one where they all go off at the same time.

When we were growing up, we used to get a bunch of friends together, split up into two sides.

We would build forts and fire, rockets, Roman candles , smoke bombs etc. at each other.

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Yrs ago on L.I. We watched the fire works display. They were playing the 1812 Overture and they also used a real cannon. That sent chills through me.

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