Can you Juggle ? If you can I'm so Jealous :( Have a great 4th of July my American friends , have fun , be safe............Ser

When I was about 11 I had the chance at a Fete to learn to Juggle or Stilt walk. I chose Stilt walking and was so good at it that my Grandad Secretly went out to his shed that day and made me Stilts that he made higher and higher the better I got. Literally every Kid in my street wanted a pair once they saw me on mine and kept nicking them , so if they could use them their parents bought them a pair each mine were still the best (made with Love) I must of spent that whole Summer looking over Peoples heads , which was cool because I was a Half pint lolz I still would Love to learn how to Juggle. I can still Stilt walk , made C a pair a few years ago but she couldn't walk on them and nor could her friends so I adjusted them to my height and showed them how it's done walking up and down the rd :) . ......hey! maybe She can Juggle XD She can teach me , I have to ask to find some soft balls. :)