Is it unamerican to smoke a Cuban on the 4th?

Image for post Is it unamerican to smoke a Cuban on the 4th?
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well there certainly isn't American-made coffee :P lack of coffee plants and all. Cuba has amazing coffee though! Though I like Colombian and Turkish though~

There's something good that Obama did: ease tensions with Cuba. Smoke 'em up.

Probably not, plus most Cubans in the U.S. aren't from Cuba, just using the Cuban seed (which some have claimed is same as the other Island's seeds, just the Cuban one was the forbidden one and therefore became the most popular one)

It seems to be the American way when the government outlaws or over taxes products to find a way to get those products in spite of the government. So I would say it is not unAmerican to smoke a Cuban cigar.

I don't think violence is ever appropriate, even if the person is Cuban.

Don't smoke myself but you could smoke 2 or 3, or more if you like.
Smoke a few Cubans today...If that's what you like doing..

It's a personal choice..when you're finished, you can enjoy another Cuban.

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