How would you feel if your partner cried out "oh my gosh" instead of "oh my god" during sex?

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I might not notice the difference. As I say gosh instead of God unless I am talking to God.Please original poster do give us a little info on why you asked this question

Seems like it's a form of the same thing, so are long as it was said in a happy, excited way, then I don't think it would change how I felt...

Especially since I'd be feeling something more physical than words during sex with my partner.

I wouldn't even know the difference

we would probably just laugh together and be like "nah that doesnt work"

Umm...Try harder.

AFAIK my partners said neither phrase.

I'd think nothing of it other than it's slightly different than what I'd expect to hear and continue with the pounding.. heh

Wouldn't notice...I wear earplugs and mitts during sex..

I would feel perhaps he had something in his mouth.
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