What American food have you had recently?

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I had a chili cheese dog for lunch. Yummy!

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@StarzAbove I had a chili cheese dog for lunch...

Mmmm that sounds good.

I've got some spicy cheese sausages I'd like to make sometime but it's just been too hot lately. And there are lots of leftovers that can quickly be heated up.

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Hoagies are a good staple :p at least us Pennsylvanians, with some of you calling it Heros, Submarines and Grinders, pfft. Though it was an Italian Hoagie, but i think it's more italian-american if any. Real-deal submarines can be found in some places in Italy, though even we have Subways now, lol. Not bad though.

@Zolfie yeah a good ol Hoagie Here is a real-deal Italian submarine...

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Dern Americans and their fast foods :p this isi n San Marco in Firenze. I was living up there for a spell, mm, Americanization lol. Good thing this is actually in the tourist trap areas so good luck x3

Beer cheese.

"Beer cheese is a cheese spread most commonly found in Kentucky. Similarly named cheese products can be found in other regions of the United States, but beer cheese spread itself is not widely distributed. Despite this fact, the product is nearly ubiquitous in Kentucky. There are a number of different brands that are popular – most are similar in taste and texture. Fans of the snack usually have their favorite brand, and there are many homemade versions which use a wide variety of ingredients to add personalization."Image in content

Heinz curry sauce

I know, you're waiting for me to put a food, then say "That isn't American food".

Baked chicken

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@DandyDon I know, you're waiting for me to put a food, then say "That isn't American food". Baked...

ha hehe smilie Actually I struggle with the whole "American food" label

I mean I know what a number of American's eat, but even something like pizza is labeled as Italian. Americans eat a lot of pasta's but they're labeled as Italian or Chinese (or Asian).

a bald eagle

@Wunderscore a bald eagle

that looks more like a cheesy burrito or a hot pocket

@Wunderscore I don't know what you're talking about

sure, hide the burrito, instead of sharing it...

that's okay because I got my own

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