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I'm reasonably neat, but not obsessively so. A little clutter now and then is okay with me. a smilie

Nope, more like semi-organized and semi-mess xp smiliebiggrin smilie

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haha, and they'll probably learn lock-picking quickly hehe smilie

I like things to be neat and clean.

Slobby people annoy the hell out of me..

my mom is and got lots of beating for not beating "hey.... jungly cut off your nails mom calls me jungly XD

Yes and no. I won't lose my mind over some dust, but I do like things organised my way.

The opposite actually

Just a freak, unfortunately

Far from it.In the past I had plenty of room for storage, now just one little shed. Reason I want to buy a new huse

Lol...Far from it...I call it organized chaos.

No. Occasionally I like to set things right in my room, like once in a month or two, but that’s it. Even my notes are sloppy. My wardrobe is the worst. I only settle things there twice a year when changing from summer to winter and vv.

My husband say's I am.

Yes, Very much so.