How do you feel about putting Pineapple and/or Fish on Pizza?

Guðni Th. Jóhannesson The President of Iceland has expressed his dislike of pineapple as a pizza topping, encouraging people to top pizza with fish instead.

Image for post How do you feel about putting Pineapple and/or Fish on Pizza?
10% Yes to Both! 20% Only Pineapple! 5% Only Fish! 65% Neither Please! 0% Pizza, any way I can get it! 0% Other
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Pepperoni and Spicy Sausage biggrin smilie

and bacon is good on everything xp smiliesmile smilie


Pineapple with canadian bacon...yum.

When my mother traveled to italy in 1972 she said the venders on the street sold a pizza dough drizzled with olive oil wrapped around a fish. Sounds pretty good:)

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no pepperoni? or peppers? not even ... BACON?!?

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okay smile smilie

It sounds good, for some reason I avoid mushrooms... I think I've just picked that up from a family member who remembered when you couldn't fully trust mushrooms and might of known a person or two who died from eating the wrong kind.

I've had both; it's not real pizza.

JerryHendricksons avatar JerryHendrickson Neither Please! +3Reply
ZonkeyBallss avatar ZonkeyBalls Yes to Both! +1Reply
@ZonkeyBalls It's a demonic puzzle.

demonic puzzle? or demonic pizza? xp smilie

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@Zolfie demonic puzzle? or demonic pizza?...

It's a pizza made within the time, that it takes for a Lamborghini Diablo to break from 200 mph to zero.

ZonkeyBallss avatar ZonkeyBalls Yes to Both! +1Reply

Fish or pineapple doesn't belong on a pizza. lol

Fish on pizza, is just wrong.

JustJimColos avatar JustJimColo Neither Please! +3Reply

BBQ chicken, cheese, pineapple, cheese, sausage, cheese, bell peppers and more cheese,

Flrdsgnss avatar Flrdsgns Only Pineapple! +3Reply

I sometimes make my own pizzas, if I feel like it. I don't like playing with the flour that much, so I pretty much always buy the bases ready-to-go. Lots of home-made tomato sauce with proper spices, such as paprika and ground chili (64 k version), as the first ingredient. Spread it as you wish. Next, about a full metric ton of cheese (either Edam or Gouda), in either pre-cut slices or slice it yourself, if you feel lucky enough.

Now, the good stuff awaits for the brave. At least two small cans of tuna, a bit more cheese on top of that, chicken - if you wish, preferably a dead one - and slices of pepperoni (metwurst is usually easier, as the slices are so much larger). That covers the mid-section. Cheese, obviously, at this point. Then, it's time for the pineapple - as smaller bits, since the rings are quite nasty by their very nature. That's why they didn't have pineapple rings in any of Tolkien's books. Also, at this point, if you wish, you might want to add some ground garlic on top of the pineapples. Also, you might want to add some more cheese, just to be certain about it.

Heat the oven up to 250 C and wait for about half an hour. There are differences in the ovens, as there is always about plus/minus five percent difference between the indicated temperature and the actual amount of heat, especially in the older electric models, such as mine.

ZonkeyBallss avatar ZonkeyBalls Yes to Both! +3Reply

Huge nope for me on both.

Sofias avatar Sofia Neither Please! +2Reply

Allergic to pineapple and I'll take my fish with fries...not on a pizza..

DandyDons avatar DandyDon Neither Please! 0Reply
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