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but that's pigs in a blanket

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Honestly I've always heard sausage (or hotdogs) wrapped in bread were pigs in a blanket.

Different places, things are called different things... like my BBQ post.

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That looks VERY VERY good, but I don't think I've ever personally seen it in person. The closest would be bacon wrapped chicken.

If the place has a printed menu, hotdogs will usually be in the sandwich section. Some exotic places may have it in the steak section under "tube steaks". Ha!

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Well, according to the old song, they are "frankfurter sandwiches". chew smilie
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Some Italian Hot Dogs here :p we just call them sandwiches. Not quite a sub really. Though you could make it a hoagie if you mixed it with cold cuts, and such :P. If you don't have mustard or ketchup, french dressing is a great substitute for ketchup and bbq sauce (as i've used it with chicken fingers :p. it's not as great as BBQ sauce, but it gets there)

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@Tanor_Faux ...

A good chicken fingers sub can be SOOOO AMAZING!

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It's a sandwich....and a good one.

Interesting question. I never thought about it.

Bread, meat, condiments....a sandwich.

Well obviously it's a spaceship!

It's meat and condiments between bread ... that's my definition of a sandwich.

I just call them "hotdogs".

Whatever you call them...I'll take 2 with chili, cheese, relish and onions.

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