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Depending on the amount of evidence and the level of danger, I usually go with common sense and moderation. One week we have a study showing the great health benefits of coffee .... the next week we're informed that it's horribly dangerous. I'll drink a cup of coffee when I feel like it and take a glass of wine when I want one .... it has worked for me for many decades. a smilie

I think, too often, results of research are falsified or manipulated to reflect what the researcher wanted the results to be. Falsified reseach is then passed off as truth.

some people will not believe no matter what

@WonderMan some people will not believe no matter what

That's true, and it's a shame. Too much junk science has been passed along so the integrity of the entire field has been tainted.

Science has stepped on it's own dick too many times to be trusted without question.

But, I still only eat bacon when science reports that the grease helps my blood flow slide more easily.

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