There's a way to mess with you that only your own brain is capable of.

Today, I was supposed to get to work at 8h30 and I normally set up the alarm 10 minutes before I have to clock in. Anyway, I woke up, barely keeping my eyes open and I started dressing up. Then I stopped, realising that I didn't hear the alarm. I picked up the phone - 6h25. I went back to bed. I woke up again, and started to get dressed, absolutely convinced I was late. I stopped after some seconds, because, again, there was no alarm. I checked - 7h35. The alarm went off eventually, I turned it off and I closed my eyes. It seemed only seconds, and when I went to pick up the phone again and it was 8h46.... my brain just loves me.

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There was a Saturday that I kept thinking it was Friday. Even after I realised it was Saturday, and my coworker was laughing her ass off, I still messed it up some more times.

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You are you're own worst enemy.

There's many ways the brain can mess with you, like paranoia or forgetting where you placed something. Or you sustain an injury and you don't notice it until you take a shower or such x3.

Besides genjutsu, there's all sorts of ways the brain can mess with itself x3,

Anxiety is one of them. PTSD is another.

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I have my alarm by my bed. It wasn't about me having to get up or not to see it - it was about me thinking the alarm had gone off, and then realising it didn't.

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I blame it on lack of sleep.

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My case is usually waking up an hour before I have to, but then I magically fall asleep and always oversleep. That's because I can turn off my alarm half consciously so I have to set my phone far away from myself.

That usually happens to me when I drink a bunch of beer.

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My therapist and I know all about that

I set an alarm to wake up but I always wake up before it comes on..

If I fall back asleep, I'll start having ridiculous dreams about work and I'll wake up..

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