Dems blast booming jobs report, Trump worker agenda, ‘reckless’ Wait, What?

OK, so the economy is soaring, more people from every group the democrats have ever courted are working, bringing home the bacon, households with more disposable income - but the democrats see this as a bad thing?

Can somebody explain ?

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I haven't seen anyone blasting the good economy. Which Democrats are you talking about Bud?
Why do you continue to paint all Democrats with the same brush? You obviously think ALL Democrats are evil.
Does that mean you also think all Republicans, who didn't like Obama have to be racists?

@Flrdsgns I haven't seen anyone blasting the good economy. Which Democrats are you talking about Bud? Why do you continue...

Of course you haven't. Let me help you, .... again.

DNC Chair and former Labor Secretary Tom Perez released the following statement:

With slow wage growth, rising health care premiums, and skyrocketing gas prices across the country, Donald Trump’s reckless policies are hurting millions of hardworking families. Trump and Republicans in Congress have been so determined to undermine workers that they held a Supreme Court seat hostage for nearly a year in order to nominate an aggressively anti-union justice, who became the deciding vote in last week’s disgraceful decision in the Janus case.

“This is all part of the Republican playbook. For decades, Republicans and their wealthy corporate allies have been chipping away at workers’ rights, weakening unions, and depressing wages – all while giving massive tax cuts to the top 1%. And Janus is their most dangerous attack yet.

“Trump and Republicans in Congress are trying to build a winner-take-all economy that enriches their wealthy friends and saddles working families with the bill. Democrats want to create good-paying jobs and build an economy that works for everyone. And we will continue to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with workers and with our brothers and sisters in the labor movement as they fight for the wages, benefits, and livelihood they deserve.”

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And, if by 'racist' you mean judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin - absolutely! I'm a racist!

[Go ahead, take it out of context. I dare you]

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Doesn't turn on a dime maybe, but several quarters of Trump in office seem to have made some very positive changes.

You can deny all you want Linn, anyone giving the country an honest once over would report vast improvement over Obama's term.

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He did avoid that didn't he?


Yeah, you go with that Linn.
The success that you dispute on one side of you mouth you can praise with the other!

That's a very talented mouth you have!

I wonder Linn, the DNC says they are concerned about nominating an aggressively anti-union justice. Do you suppose that means that a Constitutionalist Justice is by definition anti-union and therefore unions are anti-Constitution?

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The judge is not anti union.
He is a a constitutionalist. That's exactly what is required. It's unfortunate that you believe that following the constitution would be a problem for unions.

Unions filled a need many decades ago. These days, they are more of a democrat party fund raising organization. THEY created that issue, not the constitution.


Coming off the Obama era, slow wage growth sounds a little picky to me. Record low unemployment seems a bigger deal - except maybe to those that have just simply decided to not like anything attributed to Trump.

I agree gas prices are going up. You didn't say how you think Trump has anything to do with that. Or if it's simple market fluctuation. I'm just glad that pipeline was approved or the gas prices may have been worse!

Sorry for your health insurance trouble. I never wanted government health insurance. Healthcare has been screwed since Obama care was forced on the American people. Dems and Rhinos haven't allowed full repeal. Maybe you could support a conservative this November so we can get this fixed for you.

@Budwick Of course you haven't. Let me help you, .... again. DNC Chair and former Labor Secretary Tom Perez released the...

Economy is doing well, but gas prices are up nearly a buck a gallon here, food cost is up 25% over a couple years ago, medical costs are going through the roof.
The number of illegals coming into the country is as large if not larger than pre trump.
trump just applied to bring in 61 foreign workers to work as maids and bus boys at mar a lago. Guess that hire Americans first line is for others, not him.
I want the country to do well, and people to prosper, I even want trump to succeed, but I don't agree with some of the moves he has made lately. I think this trade war thing he seems to want so badly may really negatively affect a lot of Americans financially. I hope I'm wrong, but I fear I'm right.

Wages have stagnated, gas price is rising, and health care costs are skyrocketing. Not to mention what damage the tariffs and that one sided tax cut will create.

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I wouldn't be shocked if they were still blaming Obama. I know Budwick will.

The democrats must be completely baffled. Obama, their Messiah was simply trying to manage America's orchestrated decline and he had no idea how to even offer hope, let alone reverse the trend.

Look at this video - poor Obama looks a fool!

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