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I don't think anything is off the table if humans survive long enough. i don't think I will be participating in regrowing limbs though. :)

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Humans are a type of animal

@Zolfie Humans are a type of animal

That doesn't mean we will ever get that trait, it's complicated. For some reason that animal evolved into being able to regrow limbs, which means it has powerful cell regeneration.

Humans are also kinda like that, the liver can regenerate. If they take a part of your liver it will grow back eventually.

@Zolfie Humans are a type of animal

True they will probably put the salamander grow genes into a mouse and work from there, those mice work fast because they have new offspring so fast.

That is amazing I hope they can figure it out ao all the vets who now have lot legs arms and spinal cords can be regrown.

I don't think so, you dont get genetic traits like that on the fly. Some jellyfish can revert to a younger stage of their existence, which is cool basically making them eternal.

Many people above say no. I pray yes. if they get arms and legs soon it could be hearts and lungs. They find new cures all the time. I read someplace they just found the old cure for polio. Some new research into bible and before writings are also will work on casncer treatments. I need a new brain, salamanders are not that smart but i only mneed the movement part to work.

Yes, just depends on when they start injecting people with salamander juice.

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