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If they are minor and infrequent they can be funny, but pranks can easily get out of control. Eventually somebody gets pissed or hurt or both. JMHO

Yeah I think it all depends on the joke.

The show soap ones, I think I'd be very annoyed ... and it seems like it takes a long time ... and that stuff really gets in your hair... and the shower keeps stopping, just making it more annoying.

This Alligator one, I thought was more funny, because it was short, though I also wasn't in one of the open water either, which might change things.

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I used to make a lot of prank calls to the local radio station, when I was in my teens. These days, I find most prank calls stupid. Some of them are quite creative, such as the format, where you call two pizza places for home delivery, at the same time, and let the people taking the orders to chat with each other, as they are confirming the orders. Also, I like some of the soundboards.

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It's bullying at a slightly lower level. I know that I don't like to be someone's joke.

Most of the time they are just mean, and not really "funny" at all. I do recall my friend and I thinking prank phone calls were quite hilarious though, back when I was 12. So did most of the people we called, I think, since the questions we'd ask were so silly.

@Piper2 Most of the time they are just mean, and not really "funny" at all. I do recall my friend and I thinking...

I am still twelve.

I have no idea, where from those three silly decades have decided to pop up, without asking me first.

That shampoo prank never gets old.

I like watching pranks.

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I laugh at videos of other people doing them.

Don't do them myself because you never know when someone will get pissed off, then it's not a prank anymore.

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