If there’s one thing we all hate, it’s stomach issues. Amirite?

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Exactly. They can ruin your day, a party, any celebration. Yuck!

Those times are few and far between for me ... but they are the worst!

Oh yeah, sometimes it's like I'm being punished

I never have syomch issuses, as long as I put something into it I am fine

It's not pleasant, for sure. I've been pretty fortunate with stomach "issues", aside from it making noises at inopportune times now and then. :)

I have to agree. I've never seen anyone happy for it.

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Try pancreas cancer first.

Then we might have something to build a common opinion on.

OH No let us hope things have improved since those many years ago. Can you just get it removed? That is what everyone in my family has done. except me.

Yea, never eat 4 slices of pizza.

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