is it irrational to say that god created the universe?

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Depends on what you believe in. At this day and age religion still has influence.

The Universe is part of what GOD is.

To some people it is, but to others it is a very strong belief.

Well, it's not just ONE verse - which the prefix "uni" refers to.

I have no idea, what or who caused the Multiverse to pop up. May have been the Christian God, some other god or perhaps we're just living in a bubble of some tiny hyper-non-dimensional goblin's pee pond. Who the hell knows...

I'm agnostic and although I have some answers, there will always be more questions - that is the nature of our being.

I suppose that depends on your definition of God...

Be more specific what god? Zeus?

Given this definition of irrational (
: not rational: such as a (1) : not endowed with reason or understanding
I would say yes. It's a belief independent of evidence.

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Okay. Let me try this again..

A belief is a conviction based on personal faith. They cannot be disproved or even contested in a rational or logical manner.

Your remark that it doesn't matter if you believe it or don't. God said it, that settles it. is an example of a belief.

It's no less rational than attributing misfortune to black cats.

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