can we detect gravity waves coming from the future as gravity can travel through time? if light can travel from the past to the present, then why aren't gravity waves coming from the future?

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As I've told in the not-so-distant-past, there is an extra layer in between the quantum world and the atom (normal particles) world, in which we live in as entities. It doesn't bow to the mass of any kind - it has no respect for the Higgs field. Still, it's sort of a transport layer, capable of trasmitting information, no matter where or when, as it's not bound to the time itself either. Gravity can't travel through time, itself, but the information about the gravitational effects can be transmitted. I know, it's confusing - mostly to myself, since I'm trying to make a jigsaw puzzle look like a comprehensive picture of great art.

Was this the open one? I think I concluded it.

I believe gravity curves space-time. Thus I don't think of gravity as traveling through anything.. or going anywhere. Then again, I'm not a theoretical physicist so what do I know?

We just recently learned how to detect gravitational waves.

To determine if they're from the future, rather than the past will probably take billions of more dollars..from the future.

The detected gravitational waves came from a collision of two black holes 2 billion years ago; i.e., the past.

What makes you think gravitational waves might come from the future?

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