Language/Music fun: Post songs from different langauges other than English!

I love listening to songs from other languages and countries. I really enjoy learning songs and meaning from other languages. German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish, especially rock, punk, or eurodance & trance tunes. I listen to often. I've heard songs from many languages so far. //// I'd like at least 5 different languages. Getting 10 different languages would be great too!

Lacuna Coil -SenzafineThe song senzafine with the lyric in subtitles from the album "halflife" and "unleashed memories"
5% Spanish 5% Portuguese 5% Italian 16% Russian 11% Japanese 5% Chinese 11% French 11% German 0% Arabic 0% Oceanic 32% Other
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Irish Gaelic
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That is some great medicine! Great singing too heh.

Portuguese (Brazil) - "Eu nasci há 10 mil anos atrãs" ("I was born 10 thousand years ago") - Raul Seixas - YouTube video thumbnail

Lyrics translation:

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Viikate is one my all-time favorites, they combine beautiful lyrics (in Finnish) with a different kind of "old-fashioned" melodic metal sound.

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Another old fav.

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The last one was from about 1986, so 2004 is back to the future, pretty much!

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Love this one!!
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All songs by Tatu (aka Taty) while they were together.

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