What was your best customer service experience?

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I've had quite a few of those. I guess the very best one was when I'd driven 16 hours and checked into a hotel way after midnight. My father and and little dog were with me, and it took quite a while to find a decent place that would allow dogs.
We were all so weary, and had to be up very early to attend the memorial service. I mentioned that we were there for my aunt's funeral, and when checking out I saw that we were not charged for the first night.

I received two national geography guy at my reception desk. they disclosed when they checked out XD

A few years ago I got snowed in at the Minneapolis airport. I didn't have to argue or complain. The woman just set me up with a taxi and a room for the night along with dinner and breakfast. It was an impressive ride from the airport to the hotel with the Pakistani driver. Apparently he really enjoyed driving in snow storms. Ha!

Usually it's more like this:

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I've never had any problems with my service. But just last week I received a $95.00 refund from Spectrum, because they had overcharged me, I didn't even know it. lol

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