Is Trump meeting with Kim the same Chamberlin and Hitler in 1938?

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Absolutely not.

At that point, Hitler had already demonstrated his power - as both the supreme leader of his troops and his nation - for a pretty darn long time.

1938? Why wouldn't we go back to 1933, instead? No, of course not, that would violate the basic principles of your question, among other things. Let's just say, that Kim is a kid with a bear. Hitler is an adult with a bear, who is already planning on... Kim is still a kid with a bear.

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Mussolini, and Stalin are right there with him

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I don't understand, the Kim Dynasty are responsible for millions of people starving to death. Dead is dead Zyklon B or starving.


Most evil person that ever lived?? Read some history there have been so many evil human monsters it would be hard to say who is more evil. How do you measure or compare all the inhumanity people people have done?

“Peace in our time “. Right before WWII started kinda resonates with Trump’s declarations after Sinapisme. No?


What did Chamberlin say in 1933?

Kim is the leader of a dynasty and could do the harm Hitter did with one missile.

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I have no idea what you are trying to say, at least in context with the point I was trying to make with my question.

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I don’t understand. Chamberlin flew to Germany had a face to face with Adolf then came back to London holding an agreement he just made and proclaimed “Peace in our time”, we know the rest. Looks exactly the same.

I think you are REALLY stretching for reasons to compare Trump to Hitler.

Trump isn't like hitler--trump doesn't want to kill anyone just keep the people from south america in south america, USA and Canada can not take care of everyone, let it be our own people not intruders.

???? Who said Trump was Hitler? Kim is Hitler Trump is Chamberlin.

No wonder Trump is President, none of you has studied history.

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