why it is hard for the batman to come out of death of his parents. OK come on its life move on. life long trauma

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My dad died a bit over ten years ago.

I don't dwell on it. I have no revenge plot against some evil force, that caused his pipes to bust, leaking all that nasty red stuff in his innards. Cause of death: a strong heart, but the pipes were leaking.

Perhaps Batman could overcome his childhood trauma by role playing a raccoon or a Transsylvanian railroad worker, in a proper play. I could write that.

Wait... Didn't we get interrupted in between something, that I was supposed to explain to you or... Something.

@WonderMan still waiting for the answer of my question on your post

Oh, sorry, I'll get right back at you. Don't you go sleepin', now or the Boogeyman has an easy way to dig all of those boogers out of your nose and then... Then it's all for none. I blame the dog. He seems the innocent one, so it must be him!

I'll straighten Batman out during the honeymoon.
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@Thinkerbell I'll straighten Batman out during the honeymoon.

yes this is what I wanted to add but you said it.. "hey batman get married not that weird catwoman but a normal women and then couple of children and remove that heavy costume got to Theatre have popcorn enjoy the life take a photo with family ha ha

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