What do you remember throwing a temper tantrum over as a child?

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More of a meltdown. At age 9, I wanted bangs, so my mom tried cutting them and failed miserably. I wasn't going to leave my room until my hair grew out .... but fortunately my sweet mom whisked me off to the hair salon for proper repairs. redface smilie

Temper tantrums were a very fast way to get an ass whoppin when I was a kid. If I was going to get one it was going to be worth a lot more than a temper tantrum. Ha!

I can remember one time. I wanted to have two cars, so I could race them against each other. My mom said I could have one. "BUT I WANNA HAVE TWO CARS, NOT JUST ONE" Well, I ended up empty-handed. No little play cars at all.

Tantrums? Not allowed.

@Carla Tantrums? Not allowed.

same at my house I never even knew what it meant, until I was older and babysitting kids.

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If he is eleven ir twelve and still doing it, he has been getting away with it all his life. :[

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Im happy you have taught your children the value of a good work ethic.
Many, many two working parent households and one parent households have taught their children well, though, too.

I'm pretty sure I never I threw a "temper tantrum", and I don't recall my brother ever doing that either. That would not have been acceptable to either of my parents, for sure.
I did get mad or sad about many things that happened when I was a child though, of course.

My mother always braided my hair every morning before I went to school. One morning she wasn't home, my older sister braided it, and because it wasn't perfect, I didn't go to school. lol

Nothing my mom would say stop and i did.

I wasnt a temper tantrum kind of a kid. A quick slap fixed any misbehavior, made me think adults enjoy this.

There was 3 of us kids.No one ever threw a tantrum.

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I believe that we ALL can agree,
Credulity straining to see,
That JD just can't... um...
Remember a tantrum
Before he was age 53.   biggrin smilie hehe smilie biggrin smilie

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You keep sending them to me by PM... and some of them are quick shocking. omg smilie

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I wouldn't dare do otherwise... I'd be DA'd. wary smilie
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We can tell from poor Tink's shocked demeanor,
That the size of the member should wean her
From clicking John's pic,
'Til she realized his trick:  
It was merely a photoshopped wiener.

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You were reacting as any little kid would. I thought (for a brief, angry moment,) that i hated my mother many times. Of course i didnt.

Whenever the song "Joy to the World" came on the radio, my father would sing "Jeremiah was a bullfrog" to me. My name is Jerry and for some stupid reason it really hurt my poor wittle feelings. Weird.YouTube video thumbnail

Tantrums? Oh I had a few. The one I don't remember was stabbing my older sister in the face with a screwdriver. She got a few stitches in her eyebrow. She had it coming though, her and my other older sister were laughing at me.

The one I do remember was putting my hand through a window at my parents house because I saw one of my sisters wearing my scarf. I have vague memories of the beating I received for that one.

Wasn’t aloud to throw a fit. If we did we either got an ass whooping or a table spoon of habanero hot sauce with nothing to drink for an hour.

nothing my mom would have none of that.

I knew better than to even think about doing that.

I was raised, knowing that a tantrum wouldn't get you jack shit, except for an ass whippin...

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