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No. I'm not afraid of the permanent residents, but the uninvited guests from the streets could be deadly! backoff smilie

Sure. But you can keep the hundo.

Well, the positive point is that, if you get slaughtered, you are already at the graveyard. I could always use a bit of traveling. Better Detroit than Cleveland. Then again, I might be on the "no fly" list - better ask the flies first.

No, I don't need $100.

Hardly worth it for $100.Now if there was more money involved...

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She still looks pretty good:)
But she has had some, ummm....assistance.

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No...i looked her up;)


Who needs biceps when you have boobs? biggrin smilie

No...don't feel like traveling to Detroit.

Make it $500 and all my expenses, drink, hotel, gas and doing the bet on a Saturday night.

Sure....why not?

Sure if I culd find a safe place nobody could kill me, maybe in a rich family plot

My price for spending the night outside is more than $100. I wouldn't be troubled by the company though. The people in the ground would be the last of my worries.

I would need enough to hire an armed security detail and $5000 for my pocket for the trouble of putting it together. Too much violence in Detroit.

Not even for a million dollars.