Where wouldn't you last a day?

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NY probably, a buddy of mine was from NY and told me i would get killed if i looked at people, can't help myself i always look people in the eye and smile. he said that is bad in NYC so i won't go there.

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If it's Rochester, then it'd be up there in the top 10. I've lived in lower Manhattan near Battery park for a spell and at least down there it's hardly that rough. Sure it's filled with rich business guys in business suits, but i've watched enough Matrix to take'em on!

That's hard to answer. I can survive almost anywhere in space and underwater. I wouldn't last a day with my wife when she's doing shopping sprees. :p


That would tough to last 1 hour. Ha!

Lagos, Nigeria. Even if my immune system held up, I'm pretty sure my will to live would not.

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right way too hot for a girl from maine

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frederick OH boy it has been hot here in maine 80 and sometimes above. I wish I could put this heat in a box to use in January.

JD hope you never have to do thatpce smilie

Anyplace that is bug-infested and unrelentingly humid...

The desert...

In space without a suit!

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