How dingy do you have to be to steal a car for two weeks and then return it not knowing you stole it?

I admit that a lot of cars look similar, but these two are not even close. And she kept the guy's golf clubs in the car for two weeks! Ha!

Woman accidentally stole car, kept it for two weeksThis is the wrong way to get an upgrade.
18% Holy Crappers! 64% Pretty dingy. 9% This is not unusual. 9% Other
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So, why didn't she accidentally steal a helicopter, when she was already on the roll? I think every rental car should come with a bag of golf clubs.

Wow! I guess I keep too many personal items in my car .... and I would notice a set of golf clubs immediately! (Also, the cars look quite different from one another!) confused smilie

JanHaskells avatar JanHaskell Pretty dingy. +4Reply

That's a pretty dumb excuse...not knowing...either drunk or stoned for those many weeks. lol

Well, the cars were the same color. a smilie I suspect there may be something other than being "elderly" going on with her.

Piper2s avatar Piper2 Pretty dingy. +3Reply

Still sayin', at some point, the keys need to be permanently confiscated!

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