If we all had the choice to choose which country to be born in, instead of the one you're living in now, which one would you want if you could be born again?

15% Australia 15% Canada 0% India 10% Japan 0% Mexico 0% Russia 5% South Korea 20% United Kingdom 5% United States of America 20% OTHER 10% Other
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I know the language already, eh? Eh? Eh... Also... Sorry! Sorry? Sorry... Moose are quite sexy, especially on the Montreal Canadiens training camp.

I wouldn't want to live anywhere else but the United States of America.

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What kind of Britt are you? biggrin smilie

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I'm the type that has difficulty spelling. smile smilie

No, I'm not a blind patriot. America doesn't need any more of them.

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My original reply was just playing off the idea that there is no love loss between the English and the French.

If I have offended you in any way I am sorry. That was not my intent.

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I have been told some parts of UK are really backward as in historic old. But that is where my family came from so I could start it all over - a family I mean. A really rich one too

I dont know, somewhere in western Europe probably, my parents would have been financially secure and wouldnt have gone abroad to work and have me be without since i was 12

I would rather be dead,then live in another country.God Bless The U.S.A.

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Croatia and Portugal seem nice

Whatever country I would be born in I think it would be the best for me at the time. They all have a draw of some sort. I'm ok with being an American so I would probably choose that one again.

Definitely Germany. I think I would love the people.

Canada sounds good to me. Switzerland too.

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Can I stick with my own? I just really like the free health care, strict gun laws and royal family.

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