Baby Trump Blimp goes to Scotland. More protests against Trump.

Wonder if that will affect his golf game....or will he blame Obama on that too? lol

Trump baby blimp flies in Scotland as demonstrators protest his visitVIDEO: REUTERS
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It's evident they don't want him in Europe.

Trump gets mad when he misses a putt while playing golf in Scotland and throws his club. lol What a sissy baby.

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It's sad when people are shown true facts, and they refuse to believe what is happening in Europe. The Brits didn't want him and protested and now the Scots are doing the same thing. But some have their heads in the sand when it comes to his lies and corruption, makes me wonder if that's they way they live their lives.

Oh wel he isnt having a fit over it is he? I don't know how to read trump tweets

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