If you could grow an entire orchard of any fruit or vegetable in the world, what would you grow?🍎🌳

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Do I have to pick just one? Ok, how about lots! Apples, peaches, cherries...the yellow ones, squash, tomatoes and just about any other fruit or vegetable.

Wow too many to pick just one. I have a tiny 4 ft garden grow big fat tomatoes that just can't be beat . I drink lots of coffee and al the grounds get composted. Tomatoes like coffee grounds. I don't want a field full because the vitamin c and acid give me cold sores on my lip - very unattractive.

Avocados. If I could add a second and third, it would be asparagus and nectarines.

Avocados, probably.

Tomatoes as a favorite, but potatoes or cabbage are the wiser crop.

I'd have to research what is the most profitable before making that decision: Just checked for my area; it's blueberries.

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