Why are we making this site not look like something thats supposed to be fun?

I get it, "AmIrite" is trying to be unique by having their own layout. But I honestly still think that there should be different sections where it makes it easy for people to avoid politics.
If you guys want the site to be the best it can be, this really might have to be done.
I know theres people who probably purposely avoid this site because of the fact that when they click on "Opinions" and "Questions" all they see is politics or half politics, and it turns them off.
Why are you guys still paying for a website thats half-dead, and it stays the same all the time, when you could change it around, build it better to try to attract more people.

In my opinion the site's design looks nice, and there are some good features about this site. But make it look more fun.

I will say though the notification's alerts at the bottom corner is nice. And featured and achievements is nice.

And the random little stats on your profile is cool.

But ultimately I do think changing the layout could end up help keep traffic to the site.

And changing it around a little would also be a fresh new thing that people already on here would be talking about, and you could create some buzz off of it.

Something to think about.