More than standing up to your enemies, I respect a lot more people who stand up to others of their own group when they are in the wrong.

For what I see, that behaviour is becoming a rarity, on the internet and outside of it. Just because you share a label with someone, it doesn't mean you have to protect them 24/7. One of you is allowed to be a fuck up even if the other is not. And the other should not have to be quiet because they don't want "bad rep" to their group. In case this is news to anyone, you are allowed to not agree with someone of "your group". Some people will label themselves the same as you, but there is an entire spectrum from average to extreme. You do not have to support them just because you share a damn label. Grow a spine and actually stand up for what you believe in. Your label only last as long as you can stand for what you're saying. An example: I can call myself a feminist everyday, but if I look away when some women who call themselves feminist go around hating men, newsflash: I'm not a feminist. That's misandry and it's not something a feminist supports, no matter how much anti-feminists wished that was the case...... It's simple: what a label stands for should be way more important than the name itself. It's just logical to me no matter how I look at it. But I guess some people just want the praise and "fame", and not to do the actual "work". Seems to be a fashion now.