Have you ever lived in a village?

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I live now in one. We have a store, a church, a garage, a tea room, some Inns, pubs, a postal office, plenty of houses, and voilá - a calm and beautiful village.

Our mountain house is in a village I guess. 1 store, hardware store, bank, couple restaurants and a few assorted small businesses.

Montefollonico and Rufina in Italy, well the latter one is between Rufina and Pontassieve. Would comunes count as villages? or a small town? Some comunes are larger than a small town and some are tiny. Rufina is a tiny comune under 8,000 people, but Potassieve is pretty big with more than 20,000 people. Montefollonico is really tiny, with under 200 people. Not even a wikipedia entry on it :p

the village of suffern is posted everywhere here

My uncle is a farmer, as a child my family used to go there a lot. I used to keep him company as he was milking the cows, there was this empty spot near a white headed cow that became my favorite since she was so nice and liked playing with me. Our villa there is next to the village's water tap that comes from the mountains, so my grandparents have an infinite supply of water for their gardens and get a gigantic harvest of vegetables. I used to go with my cousin and his friends to explore the forests around the village we even tried building huts and stuff although we didnt know how since we were just a bunch of kids. The air is so clean there, you always wake up early and full of energy. It's not like your village though, it's really small and has probably less than a hundred people, they mainly raise animals and crops there. We got only one store where the owner raises the prices because he knows he's the only one around.

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The locals call it a village. *So I thought it was considered one. Thank you for clarifying.

Nope, but your description sounds lovely. I think I'd like to live in a place like that. Add to that a good internet connection, and it sounds perfect. :P

I was born in one.

No, I live in a town

Nope, sounds nice.

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