When you go to a restaurant, and you're annoyed with the state of the food, are you rude to the waiter?

0% Yes, always 4% I was before 96% No 0% Other
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I've never been one to be rude to waiters.
Now that I work as one, I'm happy that I was always polite, even when displeased.

We had a problem some weeks ago, where the chef didn't made one of the plates for a table of 8. Two of the ladies were not happy about it when I came later with the plate and they let me know about it loud and clear. Later, one of the ladies came to talk to me to say that she knew I wasn't the one at fault, and that they found no fault with my service. Such a little thing, but I wanted to hug her for it. Not everyone is as polite.

I'm never rude to restaurant employees, or anyone else for that matter. If I don't like the quality of food, I just don't go back to that restaurant.

@Flrdsgns I'm never rude to restaurant employees, or anyone else for that matter. If I don't like the quality of food, I...

Same with me. If I don't especially like the food, I might give that restaurant another chance, but there are plenty of other restaurants.

No. Why shoot the messengers? Besides, the servers often don't have a say in the quality of the food, even if they'd like to improve some of the dishes because they know what customers like and don't like.
They're not the ones making it (or screwing it up), they're just the ones that bring it to you, yet they take all the complaints from displeased customers.

No. We have had waiters who have warned us off some of the food that they knew was up to par. We usually have good waiters but still prefer to cook at home.

No. But i will ask nicely to have it done properly, if possible. Im a good customer though, I tip well.

I know that it's not usually the waitperson's fault if something isn't right with the food. I also know that they often get blamed for it still, since I've worked in that position many times.
No, I am very rarely rude to other people, and people who are condescending, imperious and rude to any kind of 'service' person really bug me. I've said something to people like that, when I've witnessed it. I've also had people stand up for me more than once, when it's happened to me.

No, I'm not rude to any server or anyone else. I've only had to send one steak back because it was too pink, but I was very nice about it. No sense in making anyone mad.

I usually try to tip anytime i go to the restaurant. Despite food quality. It's not her/his fault the food sucks, blame the chef(s) preparing it or blame the customer (i.e myself a number of times~) for mistakes (Like adding wrong condiments and ruining their own food. or letting it get cold, pairing it with the wrong drink, etc). Sometimes it's no one's fault, but the food itself and was just a mistake of the origin the ingredients came from.

Why? The waiter just brings stuff around, I just decide never to go eat there again

The servers have nothing to do with the food. Even if the cook themselves came out I'd be nice and just explain what had happened. They are human beings,too. Treating people like garbage ever helps.

I never get rude with people making or handling my food.

You never know what they might do to your food..

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