HA HA HA!! This is the funniest, most entertaining site on the web. And it's all due to the main characters. The insane, irascible Trump haters!

Please don't suspend ANY of them, no matter how vile, vicious, angry, hateful, vulgar, violent, or untruthful they get. No matter how many TOS rules they break. The comedic value is worth it. lol lol

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What rules have I broken? When have I been vulgar? Why are you anonymous? What makes me seem angry? Why did you say "lol" twice in your description? Why do you unwaveringly support a rich reality show star who consistently doubles down on his history of bigotry and incompetency, especially while in such a high position of power?

also this site is a dumpster fire.

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An anonymous person can come clean about their identity or make another post to address me, unless their cowardice overwhelms them. Additionally, people without accounts on this website used to be able to make anonymous comments.

I check in on this site because I've been here since it was one of the greatest websites on Earth and watched it fall into this garbage, I come back for glimmers of hope. I can judge the quality of a site having been an active member for years and having used several other websites, and this site is by and large, awful.

also Trump is wack.

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You can't go back in time, you don't understand the sense of community this site had. You didn't experience the forums, or the chat, you haven't made lifelong friends here, you just worship a 72 year old racist rich dude who doesn't care about you whatsoever. This site was full of creative and funny people who made insightful, relatable, hilarious, and unique posts. Now it's Zonkey saying absolute unparalleled nonsense, Trump supporters patting themselves on the back, and people posting songs. It's boring, it's stale, and it's wack. It got run into the ground by a change in ownership, that's what killed it, but I doubt you were around for that.

also you saying "he is making America great again" makes you sound like a sheep. Feel free to think for yourself when you get a chance.

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See the difference in what we're saying here is you're going off of how you feel, and I'm telling you how it actually was because I was actually there. You literally can't tell me anything about the site 6 years ago, I was already known on this site by then. This site was ruined by the second owner who didn't understand anything about the site and IP banned anyone who criticized the direction is was going, something called tyranny.

Trump and peaceful don't go together. He literally just forfeited the nation's intelligence to defend Russia, on top of that, he's regularly teased other countries (with and without explicit language), and a lot of heinous legislation has been signed under his watch. stop being a sheep, also stop talking.

and Zonkey is actually one of the few good aspects of the site.

Yes. But Trump and Trump lovers are an easy target so that's not really saying much.

@VicZinc Yes. But Trump and Trump lovers are an easy target so that's not really saying much.

Easy target?
I'm an easy target?
That sounds like a thinly veiled threat.
Perhaps you would like to utilize those moderator skills to edit that comment so as to not stir up unnecessary angst.

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Most Germans were not worse off with Hitler as their leader.

Just saying, there's more than one way to measure a leader.

When our greatest ally in the world floats a baby Trump in protest I would say we are all worse off.

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Give him time.

And no. Only greedy MFers measure the success of their leaders by looking in their own pocketbooks.

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You have no idea what I measure him by, so please stop guessing.

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I measure him by the policies he enacts and the policies he choose to ignore.

I do not support the reopening of coal mines under the guise of creating jobs when the result is no new jobs in that industry and substantial release of pollutants in to the environment.

I do not support the policy of banning entire countries under the guise of nation security while allowing other countries (like Saudi Arabia) to fly in freely despite overwhelming evidence that all the 9/11 terrorism were Saudis.

I do not support the USA leaving the Paris accord.

I do not support the USA leaving the JCPOA.

I do not support the stacking of SCOTUS by denying a sitting president his right to appoint and then refusing to use the same protocol when you are sitting in the Oval office.

I do not support tax cuts that are unpaid for.

I do not support spending tax dollars on a boarder wall.

I do not support appointing industry insiders to key administrative posts where a clear conflict of interest exists.

I do not support giving close friends and family members high level positions, especially when those appointees cannot muster security clearance.

I do not support cutting funds for Child Health programs.

I do not support anyone who, even after winning an election, continues to berate and insult those who were defeated in that election.

I do not support a decision to not enforce CAFE as that will increase carbon emissions and increase our dependency on fossil fuels.

I do not support federal government tramping on states rights without due process.

I do not support pardoning of known domestic terrorists while continuing to advance the false narrative that ISIS causes most of the terror in the US (almost all US terror is domestic.

And this is just what I can think of off the top of my head. Give a day to research and I can write you an encyclopedia.

And I do not hate Trump. I disagree with virtually all his policies (accept the two or three I have already given him credit for on this website).

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So you like him.

You asked why I don't. We don;t have to agree.

I don't need you to make me look foolish, I am quite capable of handling that on my own thank you.

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Yep. And Trump claimed "Since the fourth quarter of last year until most recently, we've added almost 50,000 jobs in the coal sector." 8000 new jobs sounds right. There are a total of about 50,000 in the US. There were 80,000 coal working in 2013. So an net loss of 30,000.

Anonymous posters can go to hell biggrin smilie

HELLO SOCK I wonder who you are.....give it up girl for fuck sakes are you fucking 8 years old? The worst part is people are encouraging her. Don't encourage bad behavior just because the person agrees with you

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