Maybe it's just me, but what's the difference between anonymous posting, where some say you can't reply on your own post (which is untrue) ... OR blocking the entire site and posting? When you have everyone blocked, no one can respond to your post, so why post at all? CRAZY!! lolz

Seems kinda insane to me.

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They can, but you won't know they're the actual people who made the post (unless you can tell by the way they express themselves, which tends to happen). And if they say they are the ones that made the post, then why bother going anonymous?

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Oh, sorry, I misunderstood.
Yeah, right, that's not going to happen xD

I don't know about "insane", but I've always wondered what fun it could possibly be...to block most everyone who dares to disagree with one's posts or comments. I can understand blocking those who get personally insulting, but I know for sure that is often not the case at all. I figure those who tend to target certain groups of people with insulting stereotypes and condemnation, just get *giggles out of goading those who they've blocked.

Anonymous posts can be and are often responded to by the OP, whether by the account they are are most known by, or not.

@JerryHendrickson Ah, you seem to be the OP. Pretty obvious.

Hahaha!!! "Obvious", huh? Nah, I've never used the anonymous option, myself, and have no idea who the OP is. Can't even guess, this time.

Go Derp yourself anon. You're lowlifes.

Its true anons are braindead and quite delicious on toast

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