Which do you find more irritating - sunburn or bug bites?

15% sunburn 78% bug bites 7% Other
doctorwho1011s avatar Jokes & Humour
7 8

Stings from yellow-jackets are the worst. I'd rather have a sunburn.

Tibbys avatar Tibby bug bites +5Reply

Bug bites for sure. In my world, there is no earthly use for bugs, I try to wipe out as many as I see.

Flrdsgnss avatar Flrdsgns bug bites +4Reply

Bug bites. Noseeums especially.

Bug bites because they itch....

I’m defo not heat-adapted. Those little vampires can have their bloody snacks for all I care...

Mashas avatar Masha sunburn +3Reply

Sundog bites.

I can control getting a sunburn, and it's generally my fault by not taking precautions. Not so with bug bites.

JustJimColos avatar JustJimColo bug bites +2Reply
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