People who use tax loopholes and cheats are disgusting scum

The members of religious cults in Monsey NY (who happen to be hasidic Jews but this isn't about antisemetism it could be anyone religious extremism is terrible) are always cheating on their taxes finding loopholes and some running massive fraud rings and credit scams. A religious man comes in to Wal mart today buys half the store (NO LITERALLY AISLES WERE EMPTIED) ties up a register for 7 hours!!! makes cashiers work like dogs, causes hordes of customer complaints, makes a huge mess everywhere, lines up a literal freight train of carts in the front of the store blocking all the wine and water sections, FLIRTS WITH ME very creepily, all so he can collect the reciepts then return all the stuff so he can write it off as resale to fool the IRS. To top it all off he took a piss on the floor and we had to clean it up. he also occasionally takes his shirt off and smells. We TRIED to talk to the manager about it.....but he okayed it. The manager is a Trump voter.....hmmm like minded fraudsters?

The point is this CRAP goes on because people LET it happen. This "ooo lets cheat the government cuz they suxorz" bs has people applauding "heroes" of tax fraud while the rest of us who don't have huge community support would be in trouble so fast our heads would spin. Tax loophole "artists" are criminal scum just like credit card thieves. Work for your money you lazy POS!

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I don't cheat on my taxes, but I do claim every deduction I am legally entitled to.

Trump has been cheating for years....and look where it got him. President. Disgusting.

Then again, some get away with putting out bogus tax laws too. Heh,

Also the sound of it, reminds me of hearing about a small neighbourhood in New York that is entirely jewish. It's mostly a very quiet community, but it's still good trivia. Don't think it's related to Hasidic, but it probably is.

Much like some of the Amish villages in Pennsylvania, and Pennsylvanian Dutch communities, where it's more of a norm to speak Pennsylvanian german than English. Up here in NEPA, we get a few travellers that speak it still. Even small communities like these have assholes within'em. Much as the story of Eli Stutzman.

Curious, do you take a deduction for yourself on your taxes?

This is what happens when govt. gets greedy and becomes way too big... people no longer abide the "givens" and in so doing become "heroes."

I don't accept the premise that the govt., which is purposed to represent the people, has the authority to extort individuals for their productivity in the first place. That ludicrous notion is what gave rise to the monstrosity we have now.

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