You discover an ancient civilisation below your house. Thoughts?

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Where's Lara Croft and Indiana Jones? I need Ben Gates to steal their documents. I need Nathan Drake to steal other stuff. I need Ezio to assasinate Templars that might be hiding in there. Yanno what, fuck'em, I'm keeping my discoveries to myself. The moment it goes public, is when it's not a secret anymore :p

In this case, it's a dead one, but they left behind a vast world underground though, treasures too. Even though the law states I can't keep treasures I find, (At least in Japan), i'll do so anyway :p

Government will claim my land and I'll have to move.

Probably sell my property to the highest bidder, retire to Hawaii!

Goddamn tunnel to New Zealand. Go home and take the hobbits with you, ye freaks!

THAT IS SO AWESOME!! I'd totally explore and learn about them. Wait you mean living or long gone? If they're alive I'd love to speak to them so long as they don't you know make me their bride or something...unless there's a hot toned long haired warrior type guy with a heart of gold. then me and my bi would gladly party with him. he could even paint our faces....or tie us up and dance around us...mmmm

For the safety of all involved, I don't think I would tell anyone. We above-grounders tend to destroy everything we touch. So...

I show them my technological superiority and rule over them

I'd make friends with them and listen to their stories.

Oh no!..I hate subterranean termites.

I always knew that the Mole Men were out there, and would be coming for us...

Wow I love ancient things so I will look and watch to decide if I will ever tell.

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