what is some good words to praise someone in English language?

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Very nice, lovely, well done, you're amazing. I reckon it depends on what the praise is for.

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Yes, jd...you are a lovely man:]
Amazing, really.

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Bodacious, Vivacious, Terrific,

superb, excellent, neato, brilliant, rad, admirable!!

Not mentally decomposing, you jolly good fellow.

@ZonkeyBalls Not mentally decomposing, you jolly good fellow.

my father had a best friend since his childhood as my father and my father's Betsy's father used to work in railway. they are Anglo India and we have had very warm relation between our family for many years. my father's Betsy's mom now she is very very old we call them aunty lives in other city and visit us every year she is very nice lady she looks 100% like a European and Patrick friend of my father died few years ago. if was very jolly man we I used to call him Patric uncle we had lot of good time to gather. in spite of his being a good person he was not happy with his life had some issue with his wife. he heavily become addict to drug and alcohol and very fond of catching snakes one day he was drugged and caught a cobra for fun and could not survive against the deadly sting of cobra. very sad incident. my father tried hard to make him free from drug habit but he continued. whenever aunty visit my house everyone in the neighborhood surprise and ask who is that European lady but when aunty speak speak Hindi language every one shock ha ha aunty call me you are a good fellow.


I may not be able to grasp the profound hidden humor in the video but watch it again and again blame to my Inglishh

You beauty!

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She has more curves than a goat-path.

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