I have a naturally deep voice. When I got a phone call from an online friend in Russia via the Facebook Messenger app, she thought I was a man! I switched to a video call to prove it was me. We both laughed our asses off. In what way were you likened to the opposite sex?

50% This way 50% Other
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I'm tall and thin/athletic looking so growing up I looked like a little boy even though I have a decently feminine looking face

It took a long time for puberty to start for me; my voice only really began to deepen when I was 16. Before then I was regularly mistaken for a girl on the phone.

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I was always more tom boyish, not into dresses some of the more girly stuff. Don't get me wrong, I clean up nice for a tom-boy, it was just never my thing I guess.

I have big boobs.

lol Good one Masha.... But fortunately I've never been likened to a male. lol

I like women. And my profession.

I look a lot like my dad

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Masha: I have that deep voice when i get up in the morning. I made my answering machine message in the morning and got so many comments on it mostly OO sexy. So your voice must seem sexy to men all the time.

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