Irrational fear and just when my Xanax ran out

I made a post last night to find out who my anonymous torturer is. Folks, I can't sleep, eat, or work because I am so upset about this anon person. If I am not obsessing about her/him, I am obsessing about Obama. Is he really going to bring Socialism to Chicago? I know Obama was the best president America ever had, but I am a Trump supporter. Why, you ask? I don't have an answer, except that he's not Obama. I don't trust Obama. Yes, I know that he is the one behind the strong economy that Trump inherited, but his middle name scares me. So many things scare me, like anon posters. I know the one that was Melania, was really Obama in disguise. So I conducted a little experiment and blocked Obama last night, and the post went away. Obama, PLEASE GO AWAY!!! I'm afeared.