If someone has you blocked (or you blocked them), why do you care about what they post?

Shouldn't the point of blocking be to eliminate that person from your experience on this site? If I blocked someone, I'd want to have nothing to do with them from then on. So why so much concern with what that person is doing?

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I don't. Sometimes I can see a post on the Just In, and twice before, I saw it was News, and I logged off to see it, and it ended up being Fake News. I've made a post with the accurate information, but not really about the people.

Curiosity, I imagine. I'm sure not going to deny that I've logged out now and then, to see the responses on a post I've been blocked from.

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Yes. Personally...I find that to be a very important trait in people.

@Piper2 Curiosity, I imagine. I'm sure not going to deny that I've logged out now and then, to see the responses on a...

I think we all have. I know I have at times, especially when I see someone making crude comments about me....in fact that happened today. The person who is denying it on this very post makes comments about me all the time. Made a comment about my stupid posts, today his comments were removed they were so crude....and he knows exactly who I'm talking about. So don't play the victim.

And another guy is in the naughty chair because of his comments about me.

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I'm hoping some of the people who have been crowing about it will answer this, though they probably won't unfortunately.

I don't care one iota. I'm sure they blocked me with what they thought was good reason.... and I don't put up posts whining about it like some people do.

I block people with good reason, in fact I have unblocked some of them, but it didn't stop them from demeaning me. So it's three strikes and they are out. A very good friend of mine from Sodahead days got mad, blocked me, then unblocked me and when I returned the block....all hell broke loose. They play the victim, and conveniently forget what they've done to me.

I don't care who blocks me, (I'm blocked by a lot of people who I have never had any contact with) and that's OK, I sure don't worry about it.....they are just less people to contend with, out of sight, out of mind. I'm sure they had good reason to block.

But there are some men on here who just can't stand it that I have them blocked because they can't reply to my posts. I've been told they talk about me, post silly graphics aimed at me, anytime there's a reference to a blonde in a demeaning way, it's aimed at me, even use my name, which is against all the rules and then wonder why their posts come down. The mods watch what they do, and they are the only ones who make the decision to delete a post.

Anything that goes wrong on this site, they blame me. Grown men acting like bullies on a playground. They need to grow up.

Hope this answers your question.

Oh by the way, I've been reading your comments, it's great to have a person who speaks his mind in a logical and sensible way without getting hostile.

Enjoy your day!!!!!!!!! Welcome Aboard.

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I think it bothers people because people can't stand the idea that others might be talking about them, they don't like the idea that someone doesn't like them or decided that they weren't worth talking to. That's human nature, for the most part.

A couple users recently posted about someone blocking them and I didn't understand why it even needed to be in posts. It seems like it's a private matter. If someone blocks me, then they can F off. I don't care if they post about me or post questions that I can't see. They can do what they want.

The two questions I was referring to have been deleted now, so I guess the mods agree they are a private matter. Fair enough.

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To that, you and i agree, jd. Ive never even looked to see how to block anyone. But, i know people have blocked me. Once i dont see them, i figure they left, got kicked off, or blocked me. I only log off when i clear the phones history.

Don't care.

It's their loss, not mine.

If I block someone I honestly don't give a rat's ass bout them. If they block me...hooray means I ain't gotta waste my time finding the block button hehe smilie