Do you have a favorite historical period?

What historical period do you like to read about the most? Would you ever want to live in that period?

My three favorite historical periods are the Roman Empire (1st century BC-4th century), the 1960s America (JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Vietnam, Civil Rights), and the High Middle Ages (1100-1400).

Really, there isn't a time or place that I'm not interested in, but if I had to pick three, these would be my choices. I'd rather not live during them, though. Too violent and too tumultuous.

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Well, 24th Century seemed nice enough.

I'll have to go with mid 60's to mid 70's. While it was a time of turmoil both politically and with the war, I think we were experiencing now freedoms and ways of expression. That, and the music was great.

I'm old fashioned so I would have liked to have lived in the Victorian Age, but with all the modern conveniences. lol

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The roaring 20's.

I am kind of fond of the present!
Other eras certainly have their appeal. But, they all had their down sides too.

Maybe I'm just not adventurous enough.

The creation of. . .creation

A lot of different periods.

I wouldn't want to live in any of them that didn't have electricity and/or health care..

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