When I got bored last night... I decided to figure out who the anonymous is.

I normally don't do this kind of thing. Reading and listening to music are my go-to choices when I'm bored. But I decided, why not? It won't kill me. I had time to waste, so I blocked a bunch of people. At least half of the active members (I went random - started picking up on the people posting, then from the ones answering the posts- didn't matter if I doubted you or not), and after each block and I would refresh the opinion page. I found out one troll, but the main one I eventually figured out that person wasn't an account that was posting with its actual account at all (not for some time at least). Neither posts or comments. So I went to James' account, to see who he was following. Soon I realised it wasn't anyone recent. So I went back until I found out two accounts who might as well share the same brain, for the way they talk and for their arguments, and I started checking the accounts created close enough to them. Like I said, they do all sound alike, so I figured they're either buddies or the same person. Anyway, I can't say any names in the post, but - dear anonymous, did you know that when you make an anonymous post, on the "Recent Activity" of your original account, it appears that you agree to it, but on the post, your avatar doesn't appear, meaning you're the one that created it? I didn't know either, until I saw your activity. //// UPDATE: you deactivated yourself, anon? Figures.