As someone who was raised very old fashioned, who was taught that the man goes to work to provide for his family and the wife stays home to raise the kids and also cook and clean. We where taught that as a woman we could not have a career but to have children to please our men. Thoughts? Should women be able to have a career or should she stay home and wait on her husband and kids?

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A woman should do what she wants in life. I don't buy into the BS that a woman is taught that she has to have children, and not have a career to "please her man". All the women I know, had kids because they "wanted" to have kids. There are also very few women I know who wanted a career, and don't have one. A woman who says she can't have a career because she has children is looking for an excuse. Millions of women do both. A man and woman both have to be honest about what they want when going into a relationship. If a man or a woman wants or doesn't want kids, that's fine. Just be up-front about it when getting into a relationship. As far as a woman's purpose being waiting on her man, I don't know any who do that. If they do, it's by choice.

@JustJimColo A woman should do what she wants in life. I don't buy into the BS that a woman is taught that she has to have...

My mom wanted to have me. She didn't lay out all of the options, though. Not to mention, that I have four older siblings to deal with, with a significant difference in age. I'd call "pause game" and "restart game", but this isn't a bloody video game. E.T. call home? Fuck that potato-head.

I think it is up to each individual as to the life they choose. Some women want to say home and take care of the house, some want to have a career. I can respect either choice.

My thoughts:

1. Children benefit from having one parent stay home. There's no doubt about that. To me it doesn't matter if it's the mother or father, but if possible, it's better for one parent to stay home or at least work a minimal amount so they can be with the kids as much as possible.
2. The model of one parent providing for the whole family is becoming unfeasible in many areas. Many families (and not just low-income families anymore) can't afford to have one parent stay home. In these cases, a woman may need to have a career even if she'd rather be a housewife.

Not going to point out your typo, but seriously - there's always the edit, when you spot an "oops" (I use it pretty darn often, whether I'm drunk or not) moment.

To answer your question, which places the traditional upbringing (very old-fashioned one, especially from a shitfaced Finn's point of view) against the modern world, where people are equal and polar bears love dolphins times a mammoth. GO FOR IT Have a career and flip the bird to your old-fashioned parents and uncle Chuck from Southern Toronto. In Finland, this sort of question would put you somewhere between a troll and a pinball machine. You don't appear to be a cyborg with a multi-ball option, so... Well...

Who gives a shit, what you decide to do with your life? Read law, read physics, read nocturnal poetry of Phil "Beady-eyed" Gromstchok-Schlafengerber.

We have a lot of stay-at-home daddies over this side of the pond. Then again, we are... What was that word again... Civilized. Yeah, that was the word. The old gender-specific role models don't work in the modern world anymore. It's up to you to decide.

Fuck it, I'm having a rant here.

P.S. Remember to switch off the what-the-fuck-it-was-that-prevented-people-to-see-foul-language-again?

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I've always liked mushroom addicts, growing random extremeties in a secret lab, right downtown Philadelphia.

I’m a career woman and don’t plan on marrying or having kids.

Do whatever you chose to do..

If you are going to have kids ,stay home and raise them properly.

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