What famous people have you met and/or autographs have you collected?

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Like mr ranger, i worked in film for a time. Met many. Never asked for an autograph, ever. And none of them asked for mine.

I met Jimmy White once and also Big Daddy got both their autographs.
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The weatherman on one of our local stations lives down the street. And I talk to him quite often. He's quite a celebrity. lol

Wayne Newton....never met him personally, but went to one of his concerts in Branson, MO, and he sent me an autographed photo of himself.

Also, I have met Ray Stevens....lol Very funny guy, also in Branson, MO.

I have worked in and around the studios forever, and my father used to pal around with Bergen, so was raised around a lot of celebs

I drank a beer with a state governor.

I met Fred McMurray and Jamie Farr, but I'm not into autographs.

I met my local weatherman at the fair once

I had Peter Lawford's autograph, Frankie Laine and John Mc Giver

None, I can't keep anything, such a n airhead am i.

Dave Navarro, all members of Zebrahead, Hanson, Lifehouse,The Academy Is...

This guy that won the apple pie eating contest a few years ago.

I forget his name.

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