As someone who was raised very old fashioned, who was taught that the man goes to work to provide for his family and the wife stays home to raise the kids and also cook and clean. We where taught that as a woman we could not have a career but to have children to please our men. Thoughts? Should women be able to have a career or should she stay home and wait on her husband and kids?

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We should be able to do both. A woman wants to stay at home, go ahead. A woman wants to have a career, go ahead.

Growing up, no one ever told me I had to chose between working and staying home and raising my kids. I chose to be a stay-at-home Mom. And have never regretted it. I wasn't a slave to my husband or my kids, I took care of my family....and have never regretted it. But today, most households need two paychecks to survive.... so if a woman wants to or needs to work, more power to her.

I was raised somewhat old fashioned by my great grandparents, they were born in the 1910's, but I was never taught that women couldn't have a career. My great grandmother worked from her home where she also raised the kids. She taught me that you really don't have to choose one or the other, well, that was my takeaway.

I think women can do whatever works best for them and their families. To be totally honest, the only thing my family ever raised me to think about women specifically and deliberately, was that they're best served by maintaining a dignified reputation.

lol imagine me as a housewife

BE ABLE!! HEY IN THESE TIMES IF both people don't work they can't afford a home or family. m Times change

That thought process makes me angry, women should do whatever they want. That old fashioned thinking makes you poor . Just don't have kids- problem solved

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