Do you ever read romance novels?

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Not very often.

No, not those that are generally categorized as such, for sure. Novels that have a little "romance" thrown in there now and then, yeah.

Yeah ... once in a while, as long as the overall story is well crafted and interesting. love smilie

@JanHaskell Yeah ... once in a while, as long as the overall story is well crafted and interesting.

And thus, the man of unknown origin entered her room, with a wrench in his muscular hand. She tried not to stare, feeling the guilt of even looking at him, as his biceps seemed to have a life of their own.

"It's getting quite hot in here, m'am."
"Yes... Yes, yes, it's... I'm going to the A/C controlling unit and do something about it."
"Well, I will be doing something with this pipe of mine. Screw this. It doesn't matter how big your wrench is, when something is stuck completely... I need some kind of lubricant here."
"Yes.... Yes, yes, my late husband had some oil in the garage, perhaps that would help?"
"Oh, that is so nice to have such a pretty lady helping me out. I'm very sorry for your loss, I hope it wasn't too recent and I don't want to be any burden at this time. I'm just here to fix the pipes, but... To be completely honest, I could try fixing your... Other pipes as well... If you know, what I mean?"
"I don't get it. These are the only pipes I have in this house. Ofcourse, there is the toiletry and sometimes there is an odd clanging in the pipes, but I just thought that was those fifteen hundred Indians and nothing more."
"Yes, this whole house has been built on an unmarked Indian graveyard... Oh... Wh... Why are you running away? You forgot your tools, man! Also, you didn't even have sex with me... Goddamn mystery romance writers. Fuck you, Marko."

@JanHaskell Interesting ... but I'm more into the Jane Austen genre.

I can handle that. Is her typical character having problems with the pool?

@JanHaskell Not typically ... but I'm sure you can weave it into the plot.

You did try avoiding to answer my "hidden-in-the-plain-sight" question about your daughter... I guess she doesn't want to play with strange dudes, like myself. Then again, I never got a "get out of jail" card without some shady dealings. I bloody hate playing Monopoly.

No, hell no. : )

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When I wrote this question I intended to post my favorite author. So this is late my cuz writes historic revolutionary and English books

No, they just don't interest me.

All the time.

Some of my favorite literature is from the Romantic Era

@Wunderscore Some of my favorite literature is from the Romantic Era

All of my favorite literature is from the Disco Era

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Romance is sometimes a key plot point in novels I read, but I don't read any books that are actually considered "romance novels".

Yes I love romance and paranormal romance

No and most likely never will..

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Why....are you cutting onions at the same time? hehe smilie

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