Who is your favourite sidekick?

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As hard as I tried... I didn't get, what I wanted.

It seems a bit unlikely to get any clip of Last Action Hero (1993) on YouTube (naturally, there are a lot of other video posting sites to comb through, even a clever Google search should make something to pop up, but... "I just don't have the energy, man") to show, what I was on about with this reply. Basically, it's the classic "chicken" scene - a car versus a bike of an eight-year old girl. As a sidekick, Danny (the sort-of-hero, reluctant to being one)... Fuck, why am I trying to tell you guys this? Just go and rent the fucking BluRay, unless you are like me - living on the border of Mexico, even in Finland.

My best friend.

My girlfriend...She's also my best friend.

Cartoon wise....Hobbes.

I find a kick to the front is much more effective

Kato to the Green Hornet, as played by the late great Bruce Lee. This was a case where the sidekick was the real deal, whereas the title figure was phoney baloney...

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